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The Cornerstones of Our Fee-Based Asset Management

Linking Your Portfolio Design to Your Targeted Objectives:

We prepare a personalized "Retirement Cash Flow Analysis" that helps the client see whether he/she are 

  • on track
  • ahead of schedule
  • behind schedule

Through this analysis, seek to help clients better understand their circumstances and whether identified retirement goals are reasonable and achievable.

Our Unique "Time Bucket" Approach to Taking Income in Retirement:

At retirement, a fundamental question becomes, "Where do I take the money from?"  We can develop strategies for the effective withdrawal of income and review them with you and your tax advisor.  We break down the income goals you have into time periods, with each period referred to as a "bucket."

A Range of Portfolio Designs:

On both the fixed income and equity side of the process, we have designed portfolios for: 

  • clients who seek to use a passive, low-cost, index-based approach to their investments
  • clients who prefer a more active strategy using our evaluation methods that meet the client's objectives and risk parameters
  • clients who are seeking pro-active adjustments to their portfolio allocation on a quarterly basis
  • high net worth clients who prefer to use a portfolio of individual stocks and individual bonds

Investment Research:

We utilize a variety of research and analytical tools in the implementation and maintenance of our client's portfolios.  Client portfolios are generally constructed using a combination of ETF's, mutual funds, UITs and Separately Managed Accounts depending upon identified risk tolerances and objectives.  

A Risk-Adjusted Focus:

When selecting investments for a client portfolio, we focus heavily on "risk-adjusted returns."  We seek to have client portfolios reflect attractive risk-return ratios.

Estate Tax Analysis:

The PPC Retirement Cash Flow Analysis uses current tax rules to project potential transfer taxes that might be incurred at different points in time.  This analysis helps us plan for that contingency and opens a discussion of strategies between PPC, your CPA, and your attorney.

Insurance Analysis:

Many people own Life, Health, Disability and Long-Term Care insurance policies that they often don't clearly understand.  What is the likelihood that the insurance policy covers the liabilities it was meant to protect you against?  Our insurance analysis ensures that you have the coverage that is both cost-effective and appropriate for your situation.

Proactive, Ongoing Advice & Guidance:

In addition to regular face-to-face client meetings, we email thoughtful and timely economic updates and commentaries.  These are designed to keep clients informed and to provide information that may trigger questions and help further their understanding of investment markets.

Personal Service:

In addition to the experience, skill, and advice provided by PPC advisors, clients have access to a team of highly experienced and service-oriented professionals ready to assist when questions arise and to address your needs and issues with thoughtful consideration and care.