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Please review this list of the different services we can provide and check-off the ones you are using. If there are a number of services you have not yet utilized, it would be good to meet and discuss their benefits.

Retirement Cash Flow Analysis: Will your current accumulated savings and ongoing deposits allow you to retire at the age and level of income you are seeking? Let us find out for you.

Time Bucket Income System: What is an optimum way to take income from your investments in retirement, especially in a low-interest rate environment? Let us develop a strategy for you.

Morningstar Analysis of Your Overall Portfolio of Invested Assets: Do you know the current composition of your investments in terms of cash, bonds, stocks, and real estate? Do you know the “risk-reward” aspects of your holdings? Are you sure that the level of risk you are taking in your investments is commensurate with your objectives? Let us find out for you.

Investment Research and Fund Selection: We consistently analyze and research various funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and bonds to see if the “risk-reward” elements of each potential holding is something that fits each client’s objectives. Let us do this for you.

Alternative Portfolio Design: In designing possible portfolios that could be used, we have one that is not linked to the U.S. Dollar. We hope we never have to use it, but in the event the world ever stops viewing the dollar as the “global safe haven,” clients might need alternative ideas in order to help preserve their assets.

eMoney Aggregation System: We have completed our implementation of the eMoney client account aggregation system and it is now available to all clients at no cost. Users have access to a wide variety of tools including net worth values updated nightly from all sources, including non-PPC assets such as your 401k and bank accounts. Please call if you would like a demo; we think you’ll be intrigued.

Weekly Economic and Financial Updates: We write weekly updates that seek to provide you with added insight into what is currently happening in the world markets. We have been doing these for over three years now, and they are archived on our website. Are you on our e-mail list?

Monthly Newsletters: Each monthly newsletter contains a “custom article” written by one of us on various financial and inspirational topics. There are also three additional articles within each newsletter for your benefit.

Tactical Asset Management: While some clients want to utilize a more static, “buy-and-hold” type of investment portfolio, many are seeking a management style that seeks to make adjustments as economic conditions change in order to mitigate risk. We make those adjustments on a proactive basis, and you are notified of the portfolio changes. Have we explained to you how this would work?

Static Portfolio Design: In situations where the client prefers a more traditional buy-and-hold investment approach, we provide extensive portfolio analysis to create a static portfolio specifically designed to meet the individual investor’s goals and objectives for the long term.

Outside Managed Investment Accounts: Through our broker-dealer, we have access to a large number of outside money managers with various investment strategies that could be a good fit.

Life Insurance Review and Analysis: Is the amount, type, and duration of the life insurance you own the correct design for your overall financial needs and objectives? Let us find out for you.

Disability and Health Insurance Review: Are you properly protected in the event of a serious long-term illness or accident? Do you know the income tax aspects of your existing coverage?

Long Term Care Analysis: As people live longer, the possible need for professional care either at home or in a facility becomes significant. What’s the best way to plan to pay for it?

Estate Tax Analysis: Congress recently approved more permanent guidelines on the taxation of assets when they are transferred from one generation to the next. Do you understand them?

Philanthropic Objectives and Goals: Many clients seek to be able to leave assets to organizations they wish to help, either during their lifetime or at their passing. We can assist you in this goal.

Special Needs Planning: Some people have heirs that might need special assistance to be able to meet their long-term financial needs. We can possibly guide you in how to find answers.

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