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Opportunity to Review Your Financial Plan

May 20, 2020

Opportunity to Review Your Financial Plan 

Over the last few weeks, the S&P 500 Index has made a meaningful recovery since its low point in March 2020.   As you know, the past 16 months have been a roller coaster ride.  The declines in 2020 were fueled by the understandable fears over the Covid-19 virus and the related economic impact of governments all over the world ordering businesses to shut down and people to stay at home.

Here’s what I mean about the stock being a roller coaster ride:

  • S&P500 Index (12/31/2018): 2,485
  • S&P500 Index (12/31/2019): 3,231 (+30%)
  • S&P500 Index (03/23/2020): 2,238 (-30%)
  • S&P500 Index (15/13/2020): 2,820 (+26%)

If you measure the mathematical increase of the index between 12/31/2018 (2,485) and 05/13/2020 (2,820), the numbers reflect an increase of about +13% over the past 16 months.  

Under most circumstances, that type of increase in that period of time would be seen as positive.  However, I realize we are in uncharted waters when it comes to the impact of this virus, so a different set of discussions are expected and welcomed. 

If you have questions about all that is going on and how it impacts your financial plan, please let me know so we can schedule a conference call or video chat to address your questions and concerns.  

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.  

And we will talk to you soon,

— Ken