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Tactically Managing your Assets

In your tactically managed account, we will assess your overall financial situation and risk tolerance, and then recommend a portfolio that is personally suited for you. This portfolio may be comprised of various mutual funds, stocks, bonds or ETFs. We will be given “trade authorization” in order to make what we believe are prudent changes to your investment portfolio, and we will make these changes based upon market conditions in a timely fashion for all clients within a certain model portfolio.

This strategy is best suited for investors who do not necessarily believe in a “buy and hold” strategy during all market conditions. It is also a strategy in which defensive oriented moves can be made quickly to help protect your assets. You would never be invested in equities more than your risk tolerance allows, but you might be underinvested if the perceived risk is elevated. This strategy is geared toward those more concerned about asset protection.

No one can define or predict tops and bottoms of a market, but we can analyze and evaluate the level of risk that exists at various points in time. In fact, at PPC we evaluate the risk in the market on an ongoing basis. We keep our clients informed with regular updates and bulletins, and also provide ongoing guidance on suggested actions. Portfolio changes could be minor in nature, or more complex and of a larger scope if we believe it is necessary given prevailing market conditions.

In tactically managing your assets, we offer all the services that go with building an investment portfolio (click here for more information). For those who prefer a more passive approach, we also provide excellent research and design for static “buy and hold” portfolios (please refer back to Building an Investment Portfolio found under “Our Services”).

In tactically managing your assets, we have two guiding principles:

“When we believe it is prudent to try and grow your money, we will seek to grow it. But when we believe it is prudent to seek to preserve or protect your money, we will strive to protect it.”


“Sometimes, the best returns we generate for our clients are the losses we help them avoid.”

For more information, or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact Preferred Planning Concepts at (847) 375-0505 or click here.